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New Pattern Counseling - Portland, Oregon

Short answer - No.

Longer answer - I am not trained as a couples counselor. In the course of our individual work, though, I am happy to meet together with you and your partner on an occasional basis. I’m also able to meet with you and your partner to provide education and support in working towards a Full Disclosure, if that is part of your process.

If you are looking for a couples counselor, I know some very good ones and would be happy to provide you a referral.

Yes! I will work with a youth as young as 13. Whenever it is possible and safe, if I work with a youth, I would also hope to collaborate with at least one of the parents or caregivers.

No. I am not trained as a family counselor. That said, my practice has been heavily influenced by components and themes from Family Systems Theory. You the individual exist within the context of your current family, chosen family, and/or family of origin. There may be times over the course of treatment when it would be appropriate to invite a family member or two into session with you(particularly if you are a minor). But this will not be a regular occurrence.

If you are looking for family counseling, I know some excellent clinicians and would be happy to provide a referral.

My groups are not religious based, nor spiritually themed. The curricula and other activities we use are drawn from a variety of sources which are scientifically based, and aim to be compatible with a wide range of values.

            That said, there are religious and spiritual individuals who participate in the groups. At any given time, a third to half of the members may identify within a Protestant Christian tradition, and there are often one or two other members identifying within Buddhism and Taoism. Members are encouraged to explore and express their spirituality insofar as it relates to their group work and other recovery processes. They are encouraged to explore their spirituality in the same way they are encouraged to explore their family backgrounds, trauma history, sexual development, and relationship patterns. Those that wish to do so, and those for whom it is not important explore other things, and there is no lack of rich discussion for anyone.

            Generally, we are pretty ecumenical in our approach to each other. Different members routinely have opportunity to express an insight, perspective or challenge from within their spiritual tradition…or their scientific tradition…or their non-religious tradition, and no one hides from burdens they have picked up from unhealthy or extreme religious upbringings. No one preaches, no one judges, and no one backs away from joining in the experiences of other group members.

            Ultimately, in group our priority is being together in each other’s growth and struggles. The relationship task we do is working to understand and express ourselves wherever we are at, while working to understand and join with the other, wherever they are at.

I am not in network with Medicaid, OHP or any of its affiliates. Please inquire about options for making counseling affordable.

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