Therapy Services

New Pattern Counseling - Portland, Oregon

Core Focuses


Recovery Work

We offer support from sex and porn addiction, drug and alcohol abuse, and other compulsive behaviors.

Recovery work includes mindfulness training, trauma work, relationship healing, healthy habits, healthy sexuality and relationships, developing vision and legacy, and restoring fidelity to your core values. Individual and Group support available.

Gender and Sexuality

We prioritize access to services for members of the LGBTQ+ community. We offer support in navigating relationships, current stressors, past traumas, cultivating a sense of worth, and discovering a sense of purpose.

Our hope for every individual is that they become well supported by trustworthy people, and confidently able to participate in intimate relationships.


For those wishing to contemplate the immaterial forces working upon them and develop meaningful and sustainable daily practices, we offer perspectives and a safe sounding board.

We offer specific support to individuals experiencing conflict between spirituality and sexuality, whether that be related to sexual orientation, gender identity, or unwanted sexual behaviors.

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