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New Pattern Counseling - Portland, Oregon

Counseling Contexts 


Individual Counseling

At the heart of counseling is the Therapeutic Alliance. I can be a confidant, teacher, guide, advisor, skills trainer, collaborator, antagonist, reliable witness, the last bastion of hope, or a mix of all of these.

I work with all genders, though tend to work more with men. I work with ages 13-60, but tend to work most often with individuals between 20

Group Counseling

“If we can’t live together, we’re gonna die alone.” - Jack, from the show LOST.

Studies show that participation in a group is extremely beneficial for most people in most situations. Being in the group environment can augment individual work, and group work has even been known to intensify and accelerate individual therapy.
We don’t require that you join a group…but  will likely present it to you as an option.

Our groups are ongoing and meet weekly. New members are asked to commit to an initial stretch of 12 sessions.

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Clinical Supervision

Investing back into the counseling field is one of our favorite things to do. We offer individual and group supervision to post-graduate LPC interns registered in the State of Oregon.

We also offer clinical internship and practicum supervision on a limited basis.

Teaching Contexts



The classroom is one of our favorite environments, and working with students is one of the most exciting things we get to do.

We have experience as an adjunct professor in an academic setting. We have taught classes on Addiction, Gender and Sexuality, Human Growth and Development, Ethics, and an introduction to counseling.

Public Speaking

We offer speaking engagements as a contribution to interested communities. Topics of interest include mental health(depression, anxiety, trauma), addiction and recovery(drugs, alcohol, pornography), gender and sexuality, LGBTQ+ issues, gender roles, dismantling toxic masculinity, faith crises, the integration of spirituality and psychology, human growth and development, non-violent communication, mindfulness, relationships and health boundaries, and self-care.

Honorariums for engagements are appreciated, and in some situations we are able to travel.


We produce the counseling podcast SMART Counsel - “Counselor’s perspectives on Spirituality, Mental health, Addictions, Relationships, and Trauma.” On the show, our founder Rhys interviews professionals about their clinical passions.

Interested in pitching a topic? Please reach out! We'd be happy to hear from you.

Likewise, Rhys would be happy to be a guest on your show as well!

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