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Group Offerings


Facing the Shadows PDX is a weekly men’s process and educational group focusing on sexual sobriety, healthy sexuality, and intimate relationships built on trust and integrity. Our primary focus begins with recovery from compulsive sexual behaviors, problematic pornography use, and other unwanted, habitual sexual behaviors.

Sex and Porn Addiction are often accompanied by abuse of drugs and alcohol, gambling, excessive screen use, gaming disorder, and other compulsive and impulsive behaviors. In this group, we address these other issues as major contributors to the problematic sexual behavior, because we recognize that, no matter what the behavior, it’s driven by the same underlying pain.

FTS PDX draws on the Facing the Shadow and Recovery Zone curricula developed by Dr. Patrick Carnes, the Help Her Heal workbook developed by Carol Juergensen Sheets, Erotic Intelligence and other materials developed by Alexandra Katehakis, and other material developed by Dr. Rob Weiss. Group facilitators are further informed by the Internal Family Systems and Mindfulness disciplines.

Over the course of the group, our primary work is to share stories and be present with each other. Along the way, members also engage in various tasks, assignments, reflections, and group discussions. As a group, we explore the nature of addiction, how it originates as a result of trauma and other attachment distress, we look at healthy relationship patterns, work to develop emotional intelligence, we overcome social anxiety, and most importantly, we learn how to practice a new, sober way of life.

The Men’s Group is a weekly men’s process group that focuses on self-discovery, healthy relationships, community, and sobriety. This is an ideal group for men wanting to connect with other men in emotionally healthy ways. This is also an excellent group for men wanting to gain confidence, overcome anxiety, navigate depression, and gain insight into things like low-motivation, procrastination, and aimlessness that seem to keep us stuck in our lives.

The Men’s Group is recovery friendly, and offers a good long term support for men who have been in recovery for a while and are learning how to relate to others in a sober way.

Every group begins with mindfulness. Then, our primary work is to be share openly and listen attentively. It’s in the exchange of story and emotional energy that we encounter each other, and it’s in the encounters with others that we discover our true selves.

Periodically, The Men’s Group engages in a study or reflective project that may cover topics like the Enneagram, flow states, healthy intimacy, healthy masculinity, or other concepts beneficial to our growth.

Finding Focus - Using Mindfulness to help with Anxiety, Focus and Stress

Mindfulness is not just a technique - it’s a way of life. Living mindfully means living toward peace and connection between you your parts, you and other people, and you and the world.

Finding Focus is a group that uses various activities including mindfulness, somatic techniques, and will use components of DBT such as body scans and emotion regulation techniques to promote a more mindful and present space to help alleviate persistent and recurring anxiety symptoms.

Chapters of this group exist for female/feminine presenting individuals, male/masculine presenting individuals, for queer individuals, and one chapter exists as a coed group.

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