McKenzie Johnston



Greetings and salutations! I’m McKenzie Johnston, currently a M.A student in Clinical Mental Health Counseling at Northwestern University completing my Practicum with New Pattern Counseling. As we adapt to life “post-pandemic”, many of us are struggling with self-care, new or intensified anxiety, and we are all in different stages of a major life adjustment. One thing that I have learned over the past few years is the value of human connection and taking time to attune to your own needs. What I love about counseling is providing a dedicated time and space to feel connected to and grow with another person as equal parts participant and witness. I am excited to engage in that space with my clients from a place of curiosity, humor, and trust.

As a counseling student, my approach to counseling is integrative. Some modalities that I personally align with and aim to bring into my therapy sessions are Humanistic/Existential, Narrative Therapy, Internal Family Systems, and Somatic Therapy. I would love to work with LGBTQ+ individuals and folks with disabilities to provide opportunities for processing trauma and societal inequities, sexual and gender identity exploration, and emotional and developmental growth from a place of safety and empowerment.

A little about me: As a native Oregonian, I like to take advantage of our gorgeous landscape by hiking, camping, and taking road trips to explore the area. I am also a notorious homebody who likes to collect movies of any genre, particularly teen-girl cult classics, read sci-fi and fantasy stories when I’m not too busy reading for school, and listen to an assortment of 80’s music on cassette (because vinyls are expensive).

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