Gabriel Lee



One thing we all hold in common is the desire for our lives to be better than it is now. Yet, it is perfectly human to experience pain, shame, loneliness, doubts, and to feel completely stuck. Let’s face it we are complex beings with both an external (friends, family, world) and inner life (desires, thoughts, stories, fears, etc.) in which we relate to both ourselves and others. As relational and complex beings we have competing parts of ourselves that can pull us in different directions and often into disharmony. We may feel the effects of this tension, but struggle to know how to change course.

Since we are relational beings I believe that the best change, clarity, and healing comes from working together. Through collaboration, the therapeutic process opens a door, gently bringing awareness of our inner world and beginning the journey toward a more integrated harmonious self.

My role in your journey is to be a guide, collaborator, and facilitator. I believe counseling is much more than making a quick fix although those do happen. In therapy, we walk the road together on a common human journey. It is through this mutual encounter and courageous process that real change and discoveries are made. My goal is to equip and guide you to a life that connects you to your values and clarifies what is most important. My hope is that you may expand from wherever you find yourself now to life that does not aim to simply survive, but truly thrive. I

believe that you are completely unique and at the same time, we are united in experience through common humanity. Therefore my general approach is to honor your intuition and creativity when it comes to finding workable solutions. I provide modalities such as Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), Solution-Focused Therapy, Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT), and trauma-informed care in the counseling process.

I truly believe counseling is meant to help expedite the change process and that various modalities can be tailored to provide a means to serve the individual better. A NOTE ABOUT RECOVERY AND SOBRIETY WORK Our approach to your recovery is first and foremost individualized. This can include an Abstinence Based Approach, which holds the value of not engaging in a particular behavior in any way. This can also include a Harm Reduction, or Moderation Based Approach which holds the value of reducing use, containing chaos, and reducing harm and consequences. In either case, my emphasis is to renegotiate the relationship you have with your target behaviors, however often you end up using or not.

I have experience and specialize in working with those who experience: Addictions Anxiety Disorders Trauma Grief/ Loss

I also have a passion and interest in working with individual clients with concerns such as: ADHD Management Relationship Conflict Spiritual and Religious Concerns

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